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The Best Book of Black Biographies

The Best Book of Black Biographies

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The Black Heritage series has updated content and a new look. Using failures as the stepping stones to success. Lives lived with pizzazz! Perseverance in spite of all the obstacles. Each bio proves to young readers that you, too, "can do!" This educational book tells about how other people had to live their lives, how they chose to live their lives, and how everything you learn and do becomes a part of you that can often go on and do great things in spite of (and often because of) a hard life, poverty, discrimination, handicaps, and other negative things that only you can turn to a positive! This fascinating 35-page reproducible book also includes quotes, black history trail, noted black Americans, black servicemen, black lifesavers of the Outer Banks, and black heroes of September 11th.

A few of the biographies include:
Chief Anderson
James A. McPherson
Lorraine Hansberry
Ray Charles
Jesse Owens
Nat King Cole
Harriet Tubman
Thurgood Marshall
Leontyne Price
Ethel Waters

"Inspirational-Kudos to Ms. Marsh for celebrating the diversity of talent in the black community."
Mary Pride

"My students were just blown away by these bios! They really began to understand that people aren't born successful-they make themselves that way, and it doesn't happen overnight!

Grades: 2-8

Ages: 7-14

Pages: 36

Size: 8.5" x 11"