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Spanish Reader: ¿Qué pasó?

Spanish Reader: ¿Qué pasó?

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Mini-reader paperback In Spanish! 
    • 16 pages, Nonfiction 
  • Did you know water comes in several different forms?

    Conceptos de ciencias

    Palabras de uso frecuente

    Palabras claves

    Destrezas relacionadas

    Preguntas para medir comprensión

    • El ciclo de agua
    • Cambios a los estados de la materia
    • al
    • después
    • le
    • pasó
    • Qué
    • Y
    • agua
    • hielo
    • llovió
    • nadar
    • patinar
    • se congeló
    • se derritió
    • se endulzó
    • se evaporó
    • Verbos reflexivos
      – se congeló
      – se derritió
      – se endulzó
      – se evaporó
    • ¿De qué se trata este libro?
    • ¿Cuáles son los estados del agua en el libro?
    • ¿Cuáles son los pasos en el ciclo de agua?

    Learn to Read Spanish books are written to provide ample support for readers while expanding Spanish vocabulary, building reading fluency, and developing knowledge across the curriculum. Students will delight in the repetitive language, predictable story lines, and colorful illustrations while reinforcing their reading comprehension and Spanish language proficiency. Carefully leveled, they are a complement to any beginning reading program and will round out any classroom or school library. Each book features a skills grid that details the skills covered in each book including: sight words, phonics concepts, vocabulary words, content-area skills, and other related learning skills. These books are also great for children at home who are learning Spanish or learning to read in Spanish.