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QuickStudy | French Verbs Laminated Study Guide

QuickStudy | French Verbs Laminated Study Guide

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Mastering verbs is the key to romance languages for many people. This quick reference 6-page laminated guide offers easy-to-read tables of conjugations for the 15 verb tenses and moods, with the changes bolded for quick reference. Twenty-two key-example verbs and their meanings are included, with the irregular tenses and moods listed for each verb. Using the example conjugations, this guide becomes a powerful key to unlocking French for communication and, of course, for better grades.

Topics covered include:

  • Regular โ€“ ER
  • Regular โ€“ RE
  • Regular โ€“ IR
  • Subject Pronouns
  • Progressive Present
  • Progressive Past
  • Near Future
  • Verb Tenses & Moods
  • Regular Reflexive
  • 22 Verbs Alphabetically
  • Future Subjunctive
  • Future Perfect Subjunctive

Suggested uses:

  • Students โ€“ a very lightweight, inexpensive grade-booster that can be slipped between your notebook pages for quick and easy answers
  • Teachers โ€“ Inexpensive classroom tool, whether you have a few for those students struggling or a whole class set that can last your entire career with the durable lamination
  • Travelers โ€“ Being flat, laminated and with conjugations being easy to find, if you have moved beyond one word translations and are striving to speak correctly, this is a great travel buddy

Format: Fold Out - Laminated

Size: 8.5 x 11.0


Author(s):Liliane Arnet